"We had a case where a girl had previously double-bleached her hair (she had already lost so much of it) she came to see us, we bleached it again and included A.B.S.™ in the process and there was no additional damage PLUS hair that was previously damaged remained intact. She was really impressed with the texture and the treatment! I find the product VERY easy to use, it really couldn't get any easier for us. It doesn't change the color texture once it's added in. I'm looking forward to continuing to use this product on clients in the future - especially when we're working with virgin hair. So far, we're very impressed!"

Suzanne Poirier, Head of Technical Department

"I really like this product. There is no extra time required for the service which is awesome and it makes scheduling so easy for us. The conditioner makes the hair feel fantastic too, it leaves strands so silky and healthy and helps avoid continual breakage. With A.B.S.™, we stay at a level 40 developer, and the strength of it isn't diminished. This is a huge selling point for us as colourists because being able to use full strength developer is ideal. It also smells amazing! Clients have said their hair feels even better than before"

Carolyn Mila, Colorist

"The Anti-Breakage system is now my go-to for ANY lighten and go client. It's so user friendly without lacking in performance and you get the protection and insurance you need when processing without having to stress about the mixing process. We have a very diverse range of color lines here. My philosophy is that there are certain lines that are particularly good for different levels of Blonde - we're so pleased that Bondex works and mixes well with all of them with beautiful results. Overall, our team and clients are very happy with the results!"

Stacey Staley, Founder and Creative Director

"The first time I used A.B.S.™, I noticed there wasn't an overwhelming 'chemical' smell, and it smells wonderful! I thought the steps were simple to follow and straight forward, which is a benefit because it doesn't require more time for the service. The end result was silky, hydrated and in tacked hair, with no residue on the strands"

Karolyn P., Rinaldo, Colorist

"I would like to thank you for introducing A.B.S.™ Technology to the salon. A.B.S.™ is an amazing product and within the first afternoon of have my order and trying it, I sold out. Here is two examples: I had a client come in with an ombré level 8 and 12, she wanted highlights throughout to break up the disconnection of color, using the A.B.S.™ for the first time I was sparse with the foils, using 30 vol lightener I warned her of the consequences if this product didn't work. Instead her hair felt better than when we started, and in almost perfect condition. The next week I did a full head of foils using 30 vol again, once again with amazing results, having her hair in near perfect condition. Today I got my second order of A.B.S.™, I had a new client come in and explained to her the benefits of A.B.S.™ as well as I would probably not even be able to put any chemical on her hair otherwise. I used the A.B.S.™ with a solid colour, the results are unbelievable. I am marketing the A.B.S. as a package, chemical service with a take home product. Not only is this bring up sales for up selling, but it is also making it possible for chemical services that would not be possible before. A.B.S.™. is a dream product to stylist and our clients, Thank you!"

Stephanie Hunking, Colorist

"I am totally in love with A.B.S.™! As a colorist, I was initially blown away by this product after lightening virgin Level 2 hair to Platinum; a couple years ago, I would have never agreed to do this. With A.B.S. ™, I am confident that I can give my clients exactly what they want without any risks because I know I will be treating the hair while I color it… no broken hair in the sink, or on the brush! You can actually see and feel the benefits to the hair during the entire process. The shine and elasticity you get back is unparalleled. Colorists know that you can typically only remove so much pigment before damaging the hair, but A.B.S.™ prevents damage from happening by repairing the hair while it is processing; you can even do multiple applications in one sitting."

Barry ‘BeBarry’ Stone, Senior Educator

"I was recommended Bondplex from my local distributor Advanced Salon Concepts. I heard about the product and the great things that could be achieved. After slowly utilizing the product in my services, I now can say I won't lift color or take a client blonde without Bondplex. I am invested and glad I decided to go with Bondplex as my product of choice."

Gabriel 'GQ' Quinones, Stylist/Colorist